Motion Simulation

We design and manufacture motion simulators, large and small, for training, entertainment and research purposes. We offer a full range of solutions, from providing off the shelf components, to a full design and manufacturing service for bespoke projects.

We pride ourselves in using innovative engineering design and the best quality components & in-house manufacturing processes to produce systems which are efficient and elegant, yet able to withstand years of punishment.

Motion Platforms

  • 3, 4 & 6-DoF platforms to suit a wide range of project requirements
  • Platforms designed and built in-house to offer excellent motion performance, high durability and low maintenance
  • We can advise on the best platform to suit your project
  • All platforms delivered with Actuate Motion software

Full Motion Systems

  • A bespoke project service for customers looking for a full motion simulator solution
  • Full systems can be designed for almost any vehicle to provide a unique VR training or other experience
  • We design and build cabin habitation and controls based on a specific vehicle model, or your own design
  • We can integrate proprietary software into the motion simulator experience to facilitate company training programmes or specific experiences.
  • We specialise in fully immersive vehicle training systems which are used by a range of public and private organisations to facilitate safe vehicle operation

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