Our established partnerships enable us to offer full turnkey solutions for motion projects.  We work with several smaller outfits to provide accessories like flight cases….  We also work closely with 2 major partners to provide software and hardware solutions:

Software.  We partner with Blueflame Digital Ltd, to provide software services and bespoke content developed for commercial events, training, or pure entertainment. In addition, Blueflame provide Actuate Motion, which is the motion software that drives our simulators.

Blueflame also offers EduDrive, a simulated driving experience designed to enhance existing commercial driver training, to help drive down insurance costs and improve road safety. EduDrive is customisable for exact training needs, adaptable for specific countries, vehicles, and environments.

Our close collaboration means that we can help ensure that customers get the most out of our simulators with highly engaging bespoke content to really bring your vision alive!

Hardware.  We partner with Novatech to provide complementary hardware in motion projects.   As a major provider of custom workstations, as well as desktop PCs, laptops and servers, Novatech can provide high specification equipment & services:

  • Bespoke, or off the shelf desktop desktop/laptop configurations, with optimised graphics for software training and entertainment software content
  • A range of controllers for motion simulators, including steering wheels and pedals, yoke and rudder pedals and HOTAS flight controls
  • Display solutions, including head mounted and wall mounted displays
  • Tailored service & support packages for large projects