How to perform an operation in a moving vehicle

Learning to drive in a motion simulator is one thing, but being a passenger of a learner driver is another.  So we welcomed Ross Evans and Alex Harvey from RiVR to see what motion simulation can add to their digital training solutions.  RiVR’s expertise is as one of the world’s leading makers of photorealistic virtual reality environments and their content, ranging from traditional 2D to full 360 degree video, is used to create the most realistic VR Training programmes possible today.

Combining this VR technology with motion simulation makes for a fully immersive vehicle training programme, and we discussed a variery of vehicles and settings where this type of training could revolutionise the way we learn to drive, fly or skipper.

As a fun task, we got hold of a copy of the (now very retro) game ‘Operation’.  Ross from RiVR (right) is driving our 3-DoF truck simulator with Dan in the passenger seat experiencing the same motion while trying to play the game.

As any medic, or operator of machinery or other equipment in a moving vehicle knows, carrying out a complex task whilst on the move is not straight forward.  VR training using motion simulation allows vehicle operators and crew to practice in a safe environment and rehearse for what may realistically happen in the operational environment.