Products – Motion Platforms

Delta Kinetic makes 3, 4 & 6-DoF Motion Platforms to suit a range of size and functionality requirements for training, entertainment and research purposes.  All platforms are designed and built in-house, using high quality components, to deliver simulators which are powerful and robust, yet with low maintenance requirements.

Standard configuration

The 3, 4 & 6 DoF platforms can be delivered as off-the-shelf units, with a general purpose table top, onto which you can build the top habitation.


  • A bespoke table top to suit your habitation
  • We can design and build the top habitation and any surrounding habitation required.
  • The standard 3, 4 & 6-DoF platforms are scalable and can be built to a custom size and payload.

Please see our Custom Engineered Motion Technology Service or Contact Us with your requirements.


Actuate Motion provides the software interface between the platform and the software experience.  It natively supports many popular game titles and also has an extensive SDK, with dedicated plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine 4 and UDP access for other programmes.  Software customisation and content development can also be offered as part of our System Integration service.