Fully immersive virtual training for land, sea & air vehicles in a normal classroom setting

Motion simulators, in the form of large replica cabins, have been used to train pilots and other vehicle operators, for many years. The fully immersive environment enables pilots to practice manoeuvres in difficult and emergency situations, which would be risky and very expensive in a real aircraft. In safety critical industries, the huge investment in a full cabin simulator is warranted.

The advent of VR headset technology has made full immersion much easier to achieve. Now, instead of a replica cabin, with large surround screens, a headset can give full visual immersion, with the realism in the cabin setup and surrounding environment. This has opened up virtual vehicle training to all companies and organisations who need to train vehicle operators to work safely, especially in hazardous environments.

Delta Kinetic provides cost effective, fully immersive, virtual reality motion simulation training systems:

  • Professional land, sea & air vehicle training for drivers & crew members
  • Used by army, navy, airforce and civilian organisations for training in hazardous environments
  • Allows operators and crew to train for unforseen events and hazardous situations in a safe environment
  • Precise, realistic vehicle motion with replica cabin and vehicle controls allow familiarisation for operators and crew
  • Deployment in a normal sized classroom and even as a mobile unit
  • Full integration of training software; fully compatible with battlefield software
  • Saves time and money in staff training programmes

Project portfolio

3-DoF Motion Simulator for Royal Navy Reserves RHIB training

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