Leicester Fire & Rescue Service launch innovative road safety training experience.

Delta Kinetic were delighted to attend the launch of The Hazard Express, a forward thinking education experience designed to educate drivers and help reduce the numbers of those killed or seriously injured in road accidents.

The Leicestershire Fire Service have been at the forefront of road saftey training.  Working with RiVR in 2014, they delivered the VRF4 (Virtual Reality Fatal 4) 360 degree VR experience to raise awareness about the 4 most common causes of traffic collisions involving new and young drivers – speeding, using a mobile device, not wearing a seatbelt, drink & drug driving.  The fully immersive 360 degree experience has been used in road safety awareness to educate young people across the globe.

The Hazard Express takes the project a step further to deliver a unique mobile training unit which adds motion to the sound and 360 vision of the VRF4 programme to produce a completely immersive training experience.

Developing The Hazard Express

Enter the empty red van, which was to be converted by Delta Kinetic into a mobile education unit, fitted with 6 Atomic A3 motion simulators.  Working with our software partners Blueflame Digital, the unit integrates a PC and comms system to allow one operator to launch any one of 6 new individual learning experiences, with scenarios which raise awareness of cyclists, pedestrians, motorbikes and horses.  The Atomic A3s were completed by Delta Kinetic with space saving footrests, VR headsets and bespoke seats to provide a slick looking mobile unit.


The empty van with fitted frame (left) and finished interior with A3 Motion Simulators, Pico VR headsets and comms system.

The Verdict

Callum Faint, Chief Fire and Rescue Officer, said: “The ‘Hazard Express’ is a fantastic addition to our road safety strategy, using emerging technology to help to both entertain and educate drivers, both new and experienced.”

Paul Speight, Watch Manager Road Safety, said: “I am proud that we are launching this vehicle, after months of hard work alongside our partners in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership. We all hope that the use of this fantastic resource will help to educate drivers across LLR, helping to reduce the numbers of those killed or seriously injured (KSI) in accidents, and reducing the number of road traffic collisions (RTCs) on a whole.

The Hazard Express in action