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Motion Simulators

3, 4 & 6-DoF partial cabin motion simulators for training for land, sea and air vehicles. The motion platform can be completed with a deck, seating and controls to provide a realistic virtual cabin, which replicates the driver, pilot or coxswain's positioning and physical controls.

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Motion Platforms

3, 4 & 6-DoF compact motion platforms suited to a wide range of training, entertainment and research purposes. All platforms can be upgraded for increased payload. Platform decks can be customised for single or multi-person usage, and adapted to seated or other habitation.

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Designed and built in-house with the highest quality components, our actuators require minimum maintenance and can be deployed in a wide range of industrial settings, in addition to motion simulators.

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All simulators and platforms are equipped with Actuate Motion software, which links to commercial games and has an extensive SDK for proprietary game implementation.

We also provide Custom Engineered Motion Technology

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