Vehicle training in hazardous environments can be risky & costly.  Our VR training systems provide teams with safe & engaging vehicle training, leading to better preparedness for real world operations.

VR headsets have revolutionised training for a wide range of tasks & professions.  For vehicle training, audio visual stimulus alone cannot replicate the stimulation of the motor skills and muscle memory needed to make simulated training effective.

We develop and build VR training solutions, incorporating motion simulation, for land, sea & air vehicle training, including aerial platforms.

Virtual reality vehicle training


Safety.  Allows operators and crew to train for unforseen events and hazardous situations in a safe environment.

Cost.  Lessens taining time in the real vehicle & environment, with huge cost savings.

Engaging.  Facilitates better knowledge retention than traditional classroom training.

Repeatability.  Tasks can be re-run and committed to memory, greatly increasing training effectiveness

Adaptive.  Operators can be screened and assessed for competence and support given on specific competencies.

Environment.  Less fuel used in training and reduced costs in training attendance.