Our engineering design expertise is multi-disciplinary, and includes electronics, mechanics and software design.  We specialise in electro-mechanical technology with a focus on new solutions where existing off-the shelf solutions might be in-efficient or unsuitable for the purpose required.

Recent examples include electro-mechanical actuators for motion simulators.

Our other strength is that we have a complete in house manufacturing facility.  This enables us to test ideas and materials, prototype quickly and hone manufacturing processes for efficiency.

We offer a complete design and manfacture service, including the following:


Your concept might be entirely in your head, jotted on a piece of paper, or already in computer format.  Whatever stage it’s at, we’ll discuss your concept & requirements then build 2D & 3D CAD models in SolidWorks.  These can be reviewed and refined until you’re happy with the design and we’re happy they make engineering sense.

Product Prototyping

Our in-house manufacturing capability means that we can experiement and build protypes without having to rely on third parties.  This speeds up the development process and ensures that refinements can be quickly tested and incorporated into the final product.

Design for Manufacture

It is estimated that 70 – 80% of product development and manufacturing cost is determined in the design stage.  Our DFM process ensures that your product is designed with efficiency in mind, which will cut manufacturing costs down the line.