The MP6D-M15450 6-DoF motion platform offers high performance and load capacity in a compact form.  The standard model is suitable for mounting payloads of up to 1000kg, but it can be easily scaled for larger payloads if required.  It is easily adapted with customised habitation for a wide range of training, research and entertainment purposes.

The base’s performance, durability and minimum maintenance requirements stem from our proprietary ALM-50 linear actuators.  Features include a fully ball-raced mechanism and high powered BLDC motors.

The standard deck can be easily customised for shape and size in order to accommodate your own habitation.  Alternatively, we also offer a design and build service for habitation and active controls, to provide a full simulator.  We also specialise in large platform habitation for crew training.

Actuate Motion software provides the interface between the simulator and the software programme.  Modern and easy to use, it natively supports many commercial titles.  Moreover, it has an extensive SDK, including plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine 4, which allows integration with almost any software.