3-DoF marine simulator for boat crew training

AVRT Adaptive Virtual Reality Training specialise in VR training for hazardous situations.  They came to visit us to investigate how motion simulation can be used to train crew working on a boat.  Using our 3-DoF motion base as a platform, we built a simple deck with railings, capable of accommodating 2 or 3 people.  We also investigated motion physics in the marine environment, to replicate a range of water states to reflect real life conditions.  Dan Hatch at Blueflame Digital wrote an example marine environment to test the simuator motion.  With the simulator’s 18 degree pitch and roll and 200 mm heave, it provided an extremely realistic ocean feel.

The marine environment is a challenge for training.  A full VR training system with motion allows coxswains and crew to be trained for hazardous conditions in a safe environment.  Manoeuvres can be repeated and mistakes made without serious consequences.  Consequenty, less training time in the real environment means substantial training costs can be made.