Delta Kinetic’s 3, 4 & 6-DoF motion platforms offer a comprehensive range of size and functionality for training, entertainment and research purposes.  We design and build in-house in our UK manufacturing site.  Passionate about elegant and efficient engineering solutions, we use only the highest quality components.  Oue platforms are compact, yet powerful and robust, and with low maintenance requirements.

The standard 3-DoF & 4-DoF platforms support loads up to 750kg.  The 6-DoF standard platform will support loads up to 1000kg.  Furthermore, it  can be upscaled to support any load required.

We supply our motion platforms direct for you to build your own habitation.  We also offer a full design and manufacturing service for any type of habitation.  This includes vehicles and large platforms for crew training and operations.

Actuate Motion software is incorporated into all our platforms and provides the interface between the motion platform and the software programme.  Modern and easy to use, it natively supports many commercial titles.  Moreover, it has an extensive SDK, including plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine 4, which allows integration with almost any software.

Take a further loook at some of the projects that our platforms have been used in: