Actuate Motion is a modern, commercially developed, next generation motion software, that provides the link between the software game and all Delta Kinetic motion simulators and motion platforms.  We partner with BlueFlame Digital, to deliver a software that fulfils the stringent criteria of the software content creator, as well as the simplicity required by a training provider, VR Arcade or home game player.

Unrivalled games support

Actuate Motion aims to natively support major new titles upon release. With track racing, off-roading, flying, fighter games, training and thrill rides, the list of games continues to grow.  See the full list here.  The addition of a Simtools plugin gives access to all Simtools supported games.


A flexible SDK allows integration with games and proprietary software written in most common programming languages, including dedicated plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine 4.  The open plugin architecture allows for quick implementation of new VR technology.

Easy to Use & Intuitive

Intelligent defaults allow Actuate Motion to run invisibly in the background, or customise the ride experience to your preferences.