EduDrive driver training is a simulated driving experience designed to teach road safety.  It has been created with the advice and support of Advanced Driving Instructors and can be used to train drivers of cars, HGVs, LGVs, vans, buses and emergency vehicles.

Complete VR Driver Training System

EduDrive is designed to be used with the Delta Kinetic Racing/Driving and Truck Simulators to deliver a complete driver training programme, providing the following benefits:

  • Improved driver safety.  Allows operators and crew to train for unpredictable events and hazardous situations in a safe environment.
  • Lower cost.  Minimisation of setup, deployment and cancellation costs associated with real environment training.
  • Better knowledge retention.  Learning is more engaging, with better knowledge retention than traditional classroom training.
  • Adaptive.  Assessment can be in-built and learners given tailored training plans.
  • Environmentally friendly.  Less fuel used in training and reduced costs in training attendance.

Driver Assessment

EduDrive has in-built assessment capability.  Drivers complete set tasks and are then measured on a range of parameters, such as speed, breaking and turning accuracy.  Assessment criteria can be set according to an organisation or individual’s needs.

EduDrive Assessment


EduDrive comes equipped with standard UK road layouts and features, such as road signs, traffic lights and zebra crossings.  Standard scenarios include hazard awareness, current driving level assessment and vehicle control.

Scenarios and geographical area can be customised.  Local geography, with accurate road layout and buildings, can be implemented, along with detailed modelling of facilities such as depots, retail establishments, petrol stations and the like.