Training to handle any water craft can be time & cost intensive.  Add to that unpredictable weather and water conditions, and training in real the environment can become very problematic.  Using a powerboat simulator to train coxswains allows for unlimited training time in a safe environment.  Handling, navigation and specific drills can be repeated and perfected before deployment in the marine environment.

The powerboat simulator can be set up with seat and controls to replicate many powerboats.  The coxswain learns how to manoeuvre the craft in the seated position and using familiar controls that prepare them for the real craft.  A good example is the 3-DoF PAC 24 simulator.

Most commonly deployed as a 3-DoF simulator, the standard deck gives ample room for a realistic seat and control set.  The 750 kg payload also suits for 2 people.  As a 6-DoF simulator, supporting payloads from 1000 kg upwards, whole crew training ia also made feasible.

Actuate Motion software provides the interface between the simulator and the software programme.  Modern and easy to use, it natively supports many commercial titles.  Bohemia’s Defence Virtual Simulation (DVS) training software is also supported.  Moreover, it has an extensive SDK, including plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine 4, which allows integration with almost any software.